Visionary-Bagan-Shwezigon-PayaVisionary-Shiva-and-Buddha-in-gardenHampi-Hanuman-temple-sunriseDragonfly-on-lotusPsychedelic-buddhist-musiciansLily-1Visionary-Wat-Arun-BangkokChiang-Mai-bazaar-1Janta-Manta-Jaipur-Rajasthan-IndiaGiant-golden-reclining-buddha-Wat-Pho-BangkokSlowboat-from-Mandalay-Irrawaddy 2Stained-glass-reflection

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is
as though nothing is a miracle. The other is
as though everything
is a miracle’
Albert Einstein

WELCOME TO THE WORLD IN SPLENDOUR – a celebration of the extraordinary planet we live on, as revealed through photographs by Clashio Barbarani. These inspiring images will take you on a vivid and revitalising journey, filled with light, colour and pattern. Browse the galleries, and you will see fabulous temples, sumptuous palaces, overflowing bazaars, dreamlike gardens, spectacular trees, flowers, sunsets and moonrises, and more. Enjoy the trip, and be reminded of all the magic and mystery, the miracles and marvels that are out there in the world, waiting for us to appreciate them, and to be connected by them to the timeless, and the deeper aspects of our earthly existence. If an image touches something in you, makes you feel more alive, please feel free to share it with others through social media, or you can purchase a copy of it to keep it near you.

‘Wonder leads to mystery, the sense of wonder grows and the whole of life becomes a mysterious romance’