The artist

Clashio Barbarani

Pre-Raphaelite-style layered portrait photo of Clashio BarbaraniThis name, which is a composite of several of my given or adopted appelations, reflects also my relationship with conventional ’good taste’: I am an unrepentant barbarian when it comes to vibrant colour, abundant pattern and visual complexity. There is more than enough chillingly life-denying decorative and chromatic austerity in the world.

I take these photographs on simple compact digital cameras, transforming the raw image a lot, a little, or not at all in Photoshop and/or iPhoto. In the case of those where there is a move away from the natural shot, the process of transformation is often more or less random, but I know when I’ve found what I’m looking for – often several different variations of it. The way these new visions suddenly emerge as I play with the controls feels magical, alchemical, and very much part of the joy and wonder I derive from working with these snapshots of the world.

I spend most of my time in South Asia, the remainder in South-East Asia and northern Europe – a fact reflected by the content of the pictures. India, above all, affords on a daily basis the sense of wonder and amazement at the world that I love, and seek to convey to others through these images.

If you have enjoyed the colour in the architectural and sculptural series in particular, and/or the complex patterns in some of the photographs, perhaps you would also like my painted mandalas, in which colour and pattern are combined in highly decorative designs with a strongly healing aspect. These are visible at