Eternal light 1: lighting the way beyond time

There is a certain quality of the light that immediately points beyond time. Any scene or object bathed in or touched by this light may be an everyday moment on the surface, but the light recasts it into the timeless realm, the eternal. The mood in these images is always one of peace and tranquility and yet also of yearning for something we feel to be real but cannot normally grasp. This light seems to pierce the mundane Illusion in which we live out our lives, showing for a moment the true splendour of the world.

Visionary voyage 1: transformed temples and palaces of Asia

South and South-East Asian architecture has surely conjured up the most fantastical and colourful built environments on the planet. To capture these on camera transports me to a space of wonder. Using simple enhancement tools, the original images of temples and palaces are transformed, most often by the alchemy of colours, into the realm of fairytale and fantasy. These ranges of hues, as much as the magnificent buildings they represent, are some of the greatest treasures of the world in splendour.

Beautiful complexity 1: the dazzling and delightful complexity of the world

This collection captures a number of corners of existence where complexity and sometimes, apparently, chaos reigns. In these images, the sheer exuberance of life fizzing and frothing reveals the world at its richest and most magnificent and joyful. For those who have been soothed almost to death by ‘Zen’ minimalist ‘decoration’ and design, here is the antidote; the healing power of abundance, a reminder of the vast energy and variety of existence.

Psychedelic gods: gods in a glorious Technicolor garden

These images are largely about the spectacular hues that emerge when I play around with the settings, but it feels fitting that the gods should be given such a vivid environment in this world in splendour. All the images come from shots taken in one small garden in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, filled with beautiful terracotta works by one man, whose name I do not even know.

Natural magic 1: fabulous flora and fauna

Collected here are a few marvellous creatures and plants that I happen to have caught on camera. Plants and animals are endlessly fascinating, and restorative for even the most jaded vision. Anyone open to the experience can be delighted by a simple kitten or a baby monkey at play, while the humblest of wayside flowers offers its beauty to all who pass by. To capture these everyday moments is one of the most satisfying ways to evoke this world in splendour.

Heavenly happenings: dramatic moments in the sky theatre

The sky that forms an ever-changing backdrop to all the events on Earth is itself the source of some of the most splendid planetary spectacles of all. Sunrises and sunsets and sudden tropical storms all create awesome displays, transforming the world below, turning it into a charged space that seems the stuff of dreams. Enhancing the splendour of the rising and setting sun with the colour controls proves irresistible, and intensifies its cosmic quality as a source of deep awe and wonder.

Reflected glory: reflections that turn windows into multi-dimensional worlds

The world as glimpsed through reflections in glass can seem infinitely complex. The merger of what is without and what is within fascinates in its spatial ambiguity. Nothing is certain any more, and yet so much is there to see, to untangle. Everything combines into a jigsaw puzzle in many layers. Occasionally, a new and fantastical world is shadowed forth. These shots were taken wherever I noticed the opportunity – mostly in Paris, Amsterdam and Ubud in Bali.

Miscellaneous miracles: other odd moments of magnificence

These images did not easily sit – or fit – in any of the other galleries, but still they feel full of the beauty and strangeness of the world. Even the most seemingly ordinary and everyday things can suddenly startle by their unexpected splendour when we remain truly present to the perpetual wonder of the world around us, seeing all its endless odd juxtapositions, and all the ways in which light plays across it all.